Understanding the Dutch traveler.

The Dutch are fond of travelling. Every year, more than 8 out of 10 Dutch people go on holiday one or more times. For many Dutch people, holidays are an important part of their lifestyle. But how do they travel ? 

  • On holiday, they like to be flexible and exploring around, they will often give priority to renting a car to visit a destination. 
  • They will prioritize individual excursions to get more insights about a location.
  • 90% of the population in The Netherlands has very good English skills.
  • As Dutch travelers like to explore, they are often seeking for unexplored natural destinations.
  • Dutchies are known to be close to their money, but for travelling, the Dutch traveler is willing to spend money for a comfortable and qualitative experience, as long as the value for money is good.
  • Higher end customer request high end hotel and boutique.
  • For the middle mass market, the Dutch traveler will prefer midrange and bigger hotels as well as all-inclusive.
  • The Dutch economy got the opportunity to rapidly recover after Covid19 thanks to the support of the government for the private sector.
  • The Dutch traveler is not afraid to travel to destinations that are flagged with a negative travel advice.
  • On this date, 83.5% of the Dutch population is fully vaccinated, making travelling easier.

What about business travelers? 

The Netherlands is an ideal location for MICE events: conferences meetings and exhibitions. Annually, over 4.7 million incoming tourists travel to Holland for business reasons. This is over a quarter of all incoming visitors to Holland. The business motives vary from, for example, visiting an international congress, to visiting a client.  

Over 3.99 million Dutch people travel in their own country for business purposes. Indeed, the convenient accessibility from public transports allows business travelers to move smoothly across the country to attend a professional event. 

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