With more than half the world (57.6%) using social media, the online platforms rapidly became an efficient marketing tool, especially after seeing a strong increase of users and time spent online after the pandemic. Europeans are the hungriest for social content, with 79% of the Northern and Western Europe population using social media. So, that being said, a social media campaign, is always a good idea for your business ;). But with all this, you might still wonder: “What is the best platform for me? Why Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and what is the difference?” Well, let’s guide you through it! 


Ah, Facebook. The first one, the legendary! Facebook is the best platform for business and ads, thanks to its handy marketing tools to create and display ads and content. Facebook allows to display different kind of ads, with different formats, and the possibilities are close to endless! It is without any hesitation, a great tool for an effective online campaign.

Even if we might hear that Facebook is slowly dying regarding the younger generations on profit of Instagram or TikTok, it is still the world’s most used platform! And most of the users will average between 25 and 35 years old. 


Instagram, famous social media that initiated and revealed the first content creators / influencers through photo and video content! Most of users are seeking entertaining or funny content on this platform and like to keep up to date with brands and products. So, it’s a great marketing tools to showcase your activity and show the world what you are capable of. On Instagram, it needs to be visual and attractive! And the platform recently updated different features to express your creativity with stories, or Reels video (that sometimes can make us think about TikTok…).


A lot of debates about this one! Some would say it’s for kids, others would see an amazing marketing tool… We think it depends on what you are searching for, and can definitely open the door to new opportunities. TikTok is great for video content, funny and entertaining, or even inspiring content. Creativity is the number one requirement for this platform, and the more creative, the merrier! Marketing on TikTok can take a very original turn, if it’s up to date, following the latest trends, and correctly targeted. To give you some insights, 80% of the users are between 16 and 34, with 60% between 16-24 years old. So, TikTok or not TikTok? That is the question…


Last but not least, let’s talk networking, let’s talk LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great platform for your brand or company to showcase internal information, or anything a bit more specified in your field of action. See it like this. Some of your consumers would want to get more insights about your brand or your professional activity, and keep up to date with your latest news, well, LinkedIn is often the platform they will go to for that kind of information!

So, inspired for your next campaign? Let’s talk about what kind of magic we can do for you, and contact us at info@globactive.nl.