Our Team

  • Sander LangeveldCEO & owner
    #Entrepreneur #Strategic #SalesandMarketing

    Sander Langeveld, the founder and owner of GlobActive travel marketing BV has an extensive experience in the industry 20 years+! A strategic entrepreneur with passion for sales and marketing.

    Sander has built strong relationships with key contacts within the tourism industry throughout the Benelux and the European market. Through these influential connections GlobActive travel marketing BV is able to maximize sales, marketing, promotion and public relations opportunities for its clients.

    Sander loves to travel himself and has an extensive travel history ranging from virtually all of Europe, parts of Africa, Asia, North & South America and the Caribbean. Spoken and written languages are Dutch. German, French and Spanish.

  • Astrid WalsFreelance assist in Leisure

    Also Astrid is a new member to the team, who will assist in refining the content with her extensive experience in travel and hospitality. She has a wide knowledge in SEM, knows what the customer needs and responds to them with the right content, blogs and social media posts. She is a passionate, driven and loyal professional and her goal is, to make the customer enthusiastic for traveling. Besides knowing what the customer wants, she inspires resellers and writes press releases. As a self-employed person, she likes to work in small teams so the company can switch quickly to the rapidly changing demands of the market. Being deployable in many areas makes her flexible and promotes her creativity. Besides her cozy family with 3 daughters, a husband and a dog, they all share the passion to travel and discover new cultures. After working on the European market for over more than 20 years, she is lovingly pushing her boundaries to the Caribbean.

  • Monique MartisSales & Marketing Consultant

    Meet Monique Martis, the newest addition to the GlobActive Team, hailing from the vibrant Caribbean Island of Aruba. Monique is a dynamic and results-driven Sales and Marketing Consultant, fueled by a profound love for travel, design, and effective communication. Her journey to GlobActive has been shaped by a rich educational background, blending studies in Commercial Economics and Communication, complemented by hands-on internships in Public Relations at the Aruba Tourism Authority.

    Monique’s educational and professional experiences have instilled in her a deep appreciation for the pivotal role played by marketing and communication strategies in today’s dynamic business landscape. Her sharp analytical mind, coupled with a knack for creative problem-solving and attention to detail, form the base of her professional approach.

    What truly sets Monique apart is her unwavering dedication to nurturing meaningful connections. She doesn’t settle for merely meeting partners expectations; instead, she aspires to elevate them, resulting in lasting collaborations. She’s proficient in speaking and writing in four languages; Dutch, English, Spanish and Papiamento.

    Monique stands ready to create a lasting influence, establishing enduring bonds with partners spanning the EU and the Caribbean.