Our Team

  • Michelle VanzieSenior Marketing & Business Development Manager

    Michelle Vanzie is not just a globetrotter and culinary enthusiast, but also a visionary strategist with a burning passion to help her clients communicate, collaborate and build relationships within the travel industry. As Senior Business Development and Marketing Manager, she brings a kaleidoscope of perspectives, born from her rich tapestry of education and work experiences in digital marketing, entrepreneurship, diplomacy and health economics. Her nomadic sojourns that span over 45 countries and 100+ cities have honed her global acumen, making her an invaluable asset in this field.

    Living in six diverse nations has endowed Michelle with a profound understanding of global cultures and markets. This rich insight fuels her ability to architect and execute powerful marketing strategies that echo with both B2B and B2C audiences. With a firm grasp on the essence of business development, she leverages marketing and business acumen to identify and capitalize on new opportunities, fostering customer and partner relationships. In essence, Michelle transforms her deep culture and travel experience into strategic growth initiatives for businesses and government agencies.