We don’t introduce them anymore; we know who they are. Sharing our bedroom, our daily life, our intimacy, a real love story we’re talking about here. You know, social media platforms. They are called Facebook (or Meta?), Instagram, TikTok, Youtube and even LinkedIn (yes, still not dead), and even if the first goal was personal use, they rapidly turned as massive business tools. Efficient and quick, used correctly, they can generate revenues and brand awareness nearly effortlessly. We as GlobActive, offer you the possibility to create original and outstanding social media campaigns. But how exactly does it work, and which platform choosing? Let’s get some insights and deep dive in the social media world.  

Why social media?

First things first, why going towards social media to promote your brand? What is so special about it and how is it so efficient? 

Choose your target audience

Your audience is the essence of your campaign, and marketing knows well how well a campaign performs, when you put the finger on people sharing the same interests as your brand, it’s the start of a love story. Having the freedom to choose your target audience precisely and share your campaign with the people you know will be interested… This is the magic of social media and targeted campaigns.

Measure your results

Social media offers the possibility to measure the results of your campaign easily and with so many details! Reach, impressions, CTR, engagement, CPM etc… If this language doesn’t ring a bell to you, don’t worry, reporting after campaign is our mission and we always make sure to make it clear for you to understand. But basically, all details you need are provided by social platforms and leads us to conduct analytic studies for future campaigns. Great, right? 

Control your costs 

With campaigns on social media, the biggest advantage is that you are in control of pretty much everything… Your audience, your costs, your results, it’s absolutely tailor-made for our greatest happiness. 

Be creative!

Social platforms are a great way to express and try new creative ways to turn your campaigns. Videos, carousel, pictures… Possibilities are endless, and our knowledge and creativity is at your disposal to find original ways to reach your campaign goals 😉 

Reach the world

Last but not least, everyone uses social media, so reach thousands, millions of people with your campaigns. Spread your message to the world, and get people to know you, just like that. We told you it was easy, now, take our hands and let’s go on a digital adventure together! 

“Alright GlobActive, I’m tempted now… But there are so many platforms, I don’t even know which one to choose…”.

Don’t worry for that, we got you covered! Check out our article Which social media platform is best for my business?  and let us guide you through your online marketing journey!