In 2017 GlobActive travel marketing has been appointed by the Ministry of Tourism to market Belize as a destination for the Dutch market. This was a great honor for GlobActive travel marketing as the company had been working with the destination in different forms for almost years already. One of the key strategies was the focus on several segments of Dutch travelers. The focus for Belize was on the experienced travelers that already have seen different part of the world looking for a new and very special destinations that offers a variety of experiences such as beach, jungle, nature and many more. Our key focus with Belize was to establish a market presence. In the first year the strategy was to educate travel trade professionals, acquire new distribution channels and establish a community of prospects and ambassadors for Belize. We started with our own branding: Ontdek Belize (Discover Belize). Travel trade was key as we needed to introduce the destination to the Dutch sellers. 

After we saw great success of our effort within the travel trade in the first year, our strategy was to focus in the second year on the potential Belize travelers. We launched several online campaigns where we strategically partnered with Burgers’Zoo which is one of the most famous Dutch Zoo’s. Their newly created mangrove based on the eco-system of Belize was part of our communication strategy to make Dutch travelers to have their first Belize experience close to home. Our objective in was to focus on the need months for Belize. From April to November. Despite this being the ‘green season’ they are outstanding months to travel to Belize as the weather conditions are tropical and Belize is even more serene than it is. In the months ahead we worked on several digital campaigns and especially with video to show the Belize experience which is very unique. 

In 2017 Belize had approx. 3,400 visitors from the Netherlands. In 2019 the numbers of Dutch travelers doubled and were almost at record high of 7000 Dutch visitors. We are very proud to be part of the Belize Tourism Board team and looking forward to have a great and bright future together with the Belize Tourism Board.