By definition, co-branding is pairing with another brand partner, to give more visibility and reach to your brand. We don’t name anymore the most famous collaborations in the history of co-branding (thinking Nike & Apple, or RedBull & GoPro), all these brands that worked hand by hand to bring success to each other… That’s the power of co-branding. 

At GlobActive, it is essential for us to evaluate the perfect match for a collaboration. We always make sure that your brand and the partner brand share the same values and interests, to get the best of both worlds. Through our fantastic journey with Belize (read our story here), we have ran a co-branding campaign that highlighted Belize to the Dutch public and is still now. 

As we first started in 2018, Belize was an unknown destination for the Dutch travel market, both B2B and B2C. Our idea was for Dutchies to experience Belize by staying in their home country, and the best environment to bring a bit of the Belize experience appeared to be a zoo. That’s how the Belize Mangrove was born at Burger’s Zoo in Arnhem. 

By combining Belize and the power of Burger’s Zoo that has been involved for years in protecting the natural habitat of Belize, you can now visit the largest covered mangrove in the world in Arnhem. Experience marketing is key for the public to truly understand your message, by sharing emotions and building memories. 

Co-branding is all that, collaborating with a brand that suits yours, to impact and enhance the consumer experience. That’s the power of mixing, it often ends in a match! 

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