The BonaireXperience was a virtual travel event that was organized by the Tourism Corporation Bonaire. The event took place in January 16th from 12:00 till 20:00 in Facebook (live) and YouTube. There were many presentors for the BonaireXperiece. They included the Tourism Corporation Bonaire, tour operators, travel agencies and hotel representatives of Bonaire, as well as travel influencers. Furthermore, the main aim of BonaireXperience was to create an awareness of Bonaire. Another goal was to show the different activities that can be done in Bonaire.

BonaireXperience programme

The BonaireXperience was focused on multiple aspects of Bonaire from nature and culture. This virtual travel event was set to have 4 blocks. In each of the blocks there were different themes. BonaireXperience was a all around event that displayed many intersting things such as best diving spots, best nightlife hotspots in Bonaire, delicious cuisine to try and the unspoilt nature.

Firstly, the first block was between 12:00 and 2:00. The block consisted of the introduction of Bonaire, Covid-19 policies, Hilma Hooker with Casper Douma, STINAPA and nature of Bonaire, history and tradition, diving with Wannadive, kitesurfing, ABC travel and music. Secondly, the second block of the event was between 14:00 and 16:00. The themes included were Blue Destination, practical tips for scuba divers and snorklers, the mangroves, freedivers with Carlos Coste, Diving with VIP Diving, Hangout, travel with TUI and music. Furthermore, the third block was between 16:00 and 18:00. It consisted of cocktail time with Sir Eddy Trenidad, Bonaire with Olga Knijn,the seaturtles, Bonaire’s cuisine, diving vacation with Buddy Dive Resorts and Dive and Travel, Bonaire through the eyes of an expet and music. The final block was between 18:00 and 20:00. It included 10 reasons to travel to Bonaire, Project Reef Renewal, diving areas, vacation with Corendon, nightlife, Bonaire with Noustha Koeckhoven and music.

Reasons to travel to Bonaire

From the event, it is clear that Bonaire has a lot to offer. Bonaire has many pristine beaches with crystal clear blue waters and white sand beaches. The island also has many different water sport activities such as wordclass diving, snorkeling and kitesurfing. Other acitivies include exploring the mangroves, trying delicious Caribbean flavoured food as well discovering the history and traditions of Bonaire. Also, Bonaire has been praised as a Blue Destination with initiatives such as with the protection of its marine park.

Did you miss the event of BonaireXperience? Click here to view the BonaireXperience on YouTube. The BonaireXperience is mostly in Dutch but as well as includes some English presentations.