GlobActive recently took a turn in its marketing activities by developing new digital services. We have specialized ourselves in developing successful social media campaigns, video display campaigns and both business-to-business as well as business-to-consumer e-mail campaigns. Previous digital journey with Belize (click here to read our Belize article) brought us on the path for developing our activity, that we finally completed with most recent campaigns, counting the successful journey with Barbados.

Our journey started first by implementing social media campaigns to our marketing strategies. If you want to learn more about social media management, we recommend reading our article: Social media is your business best friend, and we tell you why.

Social media campaigns allowed us to open the door to new digital opportunities. By seeing the great success our social media campaigns generated for our clients, we kept innovating and creating new ways to generate results and brand awareness, and still are today. 

And by positioning our activity and bringing social media management in our activity, we saw our field of possibilities growing and started our very first digital strategy with Media partners in The Netherlands for Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc (BTMI).

BTMI trusted GlobActive to carry a beautiful mission in The Netherlands. For the first time in more than 20 years, KLM announced direct flights from Amsterdam to Bridgetown, Barbados. Our mission here was to raise awareness on this destination both towards B2B and B2C, to implement Barbados on the Dutch market and fill in the seats of the first KLM flights from Amsterdam to Bridgetown. 

Our online campaign consisted in emailing marketing, collaboration with the largest online media partners in the Netherlands, joining offline marketing campaigns such as TV commercials on the leading broadcaster in The Netherlands, and participation to events and fairs. As a result, all these items combined led to a successful first flight fully booked on Saturday October 16, 2021, and introduced successfully the destination within the country. On Saturday 16 2021, together with the BTMI team, we lived a historical moment at Schiphol Airport, welcoming our very first guests on the flight.

Our journey through digital marketing is just the beginning and taught us the right key points for a campaign to be successful digitally. 

So, if you have any projects, and you are wondering how to conquer the Dutch market digitally, we surely have the solution for you! 

Contact us at, and let’s see what kind of campaign we can create together.