We all know how the apparition of the Covid-19 virus has affected all businesses and has shut down the world, strongly affecting the tourism industry. During this hard time for the travel industry, GlobActive never failed to keep its clients afloat and updated about the very unstable situation. 

By constantly updating on the Covid-19 situation in Europe and Caribbean destinations, the GlobActive team managed to reassure its clients by supporting them daily. GlobActive had and still has today a “messenger” role for its clients. We kept sharing updated Covid-19 information and travel regulations to the Dutch and European travel industry by sharing email blasts with our database of 3000+ contacts. 

In a time of crisis, communication is essential. Keeping our partners informed with up-to-date market information is of great importance. It allows to determine the most effective market strategy and tactic. Complex government policies and measurements are constantly being changed especially during this pandemic. Communicating these complex policies on and measurements on a frequent basis are vital to our key partners in the market. 

By managing the Covid-19 crisis, GlobActive acquired a strong knowledge in handling PR crisis and keeping a constant line with our clients and database.