In this year’s Caribbean Tourism Organization virtual roadshow, GlobActive had the possibility to present Belize and Bonaire to travel experts. In detail, we introduced two of our clients: Belize Tourism Board and Tourism Corporation Bonaire. Belize was presented by Sander Langeveld, while Bonaire was introduced by Ryan Hart.

Belize as a hidden treasure

Sander Langeveld had the pleasure to present Belize to travel experts. For him Belize is a hidden treasure in the Caribbean with many interesting places. Firstly, Sander Langeveld presented a Belize video with many culture and natural sites such as Lamanai and the Great Blue Hole. Sander shared interesting facts about Belize such as with the discovery of the Great Blue Hole by Jacques Cousteau. Also he shared information about the many activities that can be done in this country. Visitors of Belize can go Word class snorkeling and scuba diving to see the beautiful underwater world. Furthermore, Belize offers many other activities. For instance, travelers can explore the Maya culture, try the delicious rich cuisine, discover the wildlife and relax on the pristine beaches.

Finally, Sander shared information about the current status of Belize that was opened to travelling on October 1st.  Due to the Covid-19, Belize has implemented safety protocols for the BENELUX market. For instance, travelers need to download a Belize Health app and do PCR test. Other than that hotels and business have a Gold Standard.

Bonaire as a pristine destination

Next up, Ryan Hart introduced Bonaire as a tranquil and pristine destination. Firstly, Ryan presented a video that shows the nature and culture of Bonaire. From his presentation, this Caribbean island offers a lot of activities. For example, the main activities that can be done in this island are scuba diving and snorkeling. Travelers do not have to go scuba diving to discover the underwater world but could do snorkeling instead. Other activities that can be done are kayaking, relaxing on the pristine beaches as well as exploring the cuisine and culture. In addition, a must-do activity in Bonaire is flamingo birdwatching. This is because Bonaire is one of the leading places in the world to see flamingos in the wild. Lastly, Ryan recognized Bonaire as an eco-friendly destination.

In conclusion, both Ryan and Sander were happy to share information Bonaire and Belize. For more information about Belize and Bonaire you can check the link for the virtual broadcast.