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Who are we?

  • History

    GlobActive travel marketing BV was founded back in 2007 by the current managing director and owner Sander Langeveld as a full-service tourism sales and marketing office.

  • Approach

    The company is known for being open, strategic but at the same time hands-on and always with a positive approach.

  • Culture

    At GlobActive travel marketing BV everyone will feel at home. The key principals are work hard, be passionate about what you do, be honest and strive for perfection.


Sander Langeveld
CEO & owner
#Entrepreneur #Strategic #SalesandMarketing

Sander Langeveld, the founder and owner of GlobActive travel marketing BV has an extensive experience in the industry 20 years+! A strategic entrepreneur with passion for sales and marketing.

Sander has built strong relationships with key contacts within the tourism industry throughout the Benelux and the European market. Through these influential connections GlobActive travel marketing BV is able to maximize sales, marketing, promotion and public relations opportunities for its clients.

Sander loves to travel himself and has an extensive travel history ranging from virtually all of Europe, parts of Africa, Asia, North & South America and the Caribbean. Spoken and written languages are Dutch. German, French and Spanish.

Ryan Hart
Commercial manager
#Marketing #Digital #Sales #MICE

As a Commercial Manager Ryan specialized in (digital) marketing, sales and account management. He has different kinds of experiences and has worked for different international hotels in several positions before he joined the team of GlobActive travel marketing. He helps our tourism brands to increase their market share in every possible way. He joined the firm in 2015 as a sales representative because of his passion for the industry.

Ryan is an Aruban native and therefore knows the importance of tourism. He has a natural connection within this field.

Astrid Wals
Freelance assist in Leisure

Also Astrid is a new member to the team, who will assist in refining the content with her extensive experience in travel and hospitality. She has a wide knowledge in SEM, knows what the customer needs and responds to them with the right content, blogs and social media posts. She is a passionate, driven and loyal professional and her goal is, to make the customer enthusiastic for traveling. Besides knowing what the customer wants, she inspires resellers and writes press releases. As a self-employed person, she likes to work in small teams so the company can switch quickly to the rapidly changing demands of the market. Being deployable in many areas makes her flexible and promotes her creativity. Besides her cozy family with 3 daughters, a husband and a dog, they all share the passion to travel and discover new cultures. After working on the European market for over more than 20 years, she is lovingly pushing her boundaries to the Caribbean.

Jair Frank
Communication Specialist Intern

Meet Jair, an energetic and confident communications intern from the sunny Caribbean Island of Aruba. With a passion for event planning, content design, and photography, Jair is always eager to learn more and develop innovative solutions to complex challenges.

Having studied both hospitality and tourism management, as well as communication, Jair understands the power of effective communication in developing meaningful relationships and helping businesses achieve their goals. As a key member of the Global Active Travel team, Jair is excited to bring his expertise to the table and help shape the company’s communication strategy to drive engagement and promote growth.

With a keen analytical mind and a talent for problem-solving, Jair is always looking for ways to collaborate with others and expand his knowledge. As he takes on new challenges and hones his skills, Jair is poised to make a lasting impact on Global Active Travel and its partnerships both in the EU and the Caribbean.

Savita Nirghin
Intern for graduation

Savita is a motivated and enthusiastic student. Who is passionate about travelling and discovering new corners of the world. An energic, social and young spirit is essential in a warm company as Global Active Travel Marketing. Savita has a fresh perspective on the tourism world and the international communities due her experiences with travelling and her study abroad.

As an intern is she skilled to create new ways to improve the brand awareness of Global Active. With the knowledge she gained during her study in Tourism Management is she willing to bring the most out of it to reach the final goal. Also, with her insight in marketing is Savita ambitious to bring Global Active to another level at social media and develop the network of the company online. Together with prototyping is she testing the existing tools and influence of Global Active on the platforms. At the end of the semester is the final product to boost the social media and increase the brand of Global Active online. Which benefits the company’s community and potential partner of Global Active Travel Marketing.



European Tourism Network

The European Tourism Network is a group of independent marketing agencies, specialised in delivering assistance in its own country. GlobActive travel marketing represents The Netherlands. The group of European agencies ensures to provide personalised and highly targeted services, in marketing, online marketing and PR services. All members share one vision, making use of their expertise to guarantee high level marketing campaigns, on a national scale, by always offering a personalized service.

For more information about the European Tourism Network, click here.