If you are still hesitating on increasing your brand awareness, or are not really sure of how it could benefit your business, we have listed 9 reasons why you should step ahead. 

1. The Covid-19 crisis changed the customer’s behaviour online

When we think about the Covid-19, we all have a bitter aftertaste, a sudden anger and rage mixed with frustration. In other words, it’s not really a good friend… Especially for the tourism industry. But “thanks” to the whole experience we had with Covid-19 (lockdowns and curfews), we can observe a huge increase of online activity. More people are focusing on their social media or are slowly transitioning to digital. This is where it is interesting to use this sudden change of behaviour to increase your brand awareness online. Indeed, more people online = more chance to get interesting results marketing-wise.

2. Tourism is reopening, slowly 

We observe from several weeks now that tourism is reopening slowly to the world, and is controlled by strict regulations. However, a positive travel advice seems to pop-up in some destinations where the virus has been well managed, authorising visitors from certain countries to travel again. We also heard a lot about the European passport, destinations are starting to build safety seals to guarantee a travel security for all… Slowly, but surely, we are heading the right way. Anticipating a reopening should be the best time for you to launch a campaign and increase your brand awareness. Indeed, by doing so, you stay top of mind, that leads us to the 3rd reason. 

3. Stay top of mind 

What does top of mind mean? Staying top of mind is staying the first business in the mind of future customers when organising their next holiday. Increasing your brand awareness will definitely plant a seed in your audience’s brain about your activity in the market, and that you are the perfect choice for what they are looking for. 

4. Get to know everything about your audience 

Communicating about your products is good, but what is the point of advertising if it is not for the people that matches your interests? Increasing your brand awareness will allow you to analyze your potential customers, their interests, and all the details you would need to target the right market. Track your data, target your audience, increase your sales!

5. Build trust/loyalty between your audience and you 

Once you’ve set up your audience and know which market to target, it is in your interest to keep a trustworthy relationship with your potential customers. Increasing your brand awareness is the best way to communicate on your brand in total transparency and find original ways to get closer to your audience. This way, your audience will stay loyal and will stick to your brand, for better and for worst!

6. Target beyond your horizons (try to reach another market)

If you are interested in targeting another market, but you don’t know how, retargeting is the solution! Dream big and enlarge your horizons to certain locations, demographics, interests, or activity. Everything is possible! And we would be glad to show you how… 😉

7. Share your brand personality to the world

Your brand, your personality. What’s more beautiful than to express your interests and make your brand come alive by sharing it to the world? The more authentic you are, the more your audience will love you, so stick to it, and be unique!

8. Benefit a database of 2000+ travel professional

Advertising about your brand to B2C doesn’t mean you should let down the B2B aspect of your marketing plan. At GlobActive, we offer you the possibility to enlarge your horizon and your opportunities, and give you your brand more visibility to a B2B market. Benefit a database of more than 2000 travel-trade professionals and an expertise in the European travel market to get to the 9th reason…

9. Boost your sales !

It speaks for itself. Whether B2C or B2B, if you stay top of mind in both ways, you will increase your revenue. That’s what we offer you at GlobActive, a qualitative marketing service depending of your needs and objective to sky-rocket your activity and grow your business!